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5675 DTC Blvd., Suite 250
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

(720) 892-0422

Synergy One Lending has brought The Modern Mortgage Experience™ to Greenwood Village. If you’re looking to buy a home in Greenwood Village or refinance your home, then you have come to the right place.

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Meet Our Team

Eric Kulbe

VP, Production

NMLS: 283875

Phone: (303) 717-0293

Email: ekulbe@s1l.com

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David Laszewski

Production Manager

NMLS: 692031

Phone: (720) 580-5247

Email: dlaszewski@s1l.com

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Ryan Pilgrim

VP, Production

Phone: (303) 478-0787

Email: rpilgrim@s1l.com

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Alan Gordon Headshot

Alan Gordon

Sales Manager - Producing

NMLS: 1837300

Phone: (424) 400-4536

Email: agordon@s1l.com

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Rachel Vigil

Production Manager

NMLS: 955528

Phone: (720) 545-1838

Email: rvigil@s1l.com

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stacey Dowling headshot

Stacey Dowling

Loan Officer

NMLS: 196631

Phone: (720) 791-4518

Email: sdowling@s1l.com

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Imelda Loza Headshot

Imelda Loza

Loan Officer

NMLS: 1183484

Phone: (720) 949-3094

Email: iloza@s1l.com

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Preston Luckett headshot

Preston Luckett

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS: 265996

Phone: (720) 484-8941

Email: pluckett@s1l.com

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Andre Harris Headshot

Andre Harris

Business Development

NMLS: 1642707

Phone: (720) 545-1067

Email: aharris@s1l.com

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timberly oaks headshot

Timberly Oaks

Loan Officer

NMLS: 305023

Phone: (720) 394-6257

Email: timberly@s1l.com

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Damian Mathis headshot

Damian Mathis

Loan Officer

NMLS: 1427418

Phone: (303) 808-9336

Email: dmathis@s1l.com

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Bullis Headshot

Jeff Bullis

Loan Officer

NMLS: 2061407

Phone: (720) 792-2225

Email: jbullis@s1l.com

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hurley headshot

Jennifer Hurley

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 1848467

Phone: (720) 776-0180

Email: jhurley@s1l.com

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monegro headshot

Kaylee Monegro

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 2042480

Phone: (720) 615-9700

Email: kmonegro@s1l.com

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Roger Hauf

Loan Officer

NMLS: 195665

Phone: (720) 679-9939

Email: rhauf@s1l.com

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Cody Wood Headshot

Cody Wood

Jr. Loan Officer

NMLS: 2110010

Phone: (720) 615-3500

Email: cwood@s1l.com

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Deanne Cardin

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 1441854

Phone: (720) 547-3544

Email: dcardin@s1l.com

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Yvonne Madrid

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 514795

Phone: (720) 292-1191

Email: ymadrid@s1l.com

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Jake Hanks

Jr. Loan Officer

NMLS: 2161842

Phone: (720) 821-2575

Email: jhanks@s1l.com

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Chris Larson of Synergy One Lending's Profile Photo

Chris Larson

Loan Officer

NMLS: 1209705

Phone: (970) 319-6443

Email: clarson@s1l.com

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Ryan Camp of Synergy One Lending's Profile Photo

Ryan Campagnola

Loan Officer

NMLS: 1443936

Phone: (303) 552-8264

Email: rcampagnola@s1l.com

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Brandi Orndoff

Production Manager

NMLS: 2041053

Phone: (720) 701-3998

Email: borndoff@s1l.com

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Samuel Hebert

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 2151301

Phone: (303) 246-7640

Email: shebert@s1l.com

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Reed Wagstaff

Loan Partner

NMLS: 2131672

Phone: (720) 230-1770

Email: rwagstaff@s1l.com

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Jason Finkle

Loan Officer

NMLS: 2327882

Phone: (719) 347-6951

Email: jfinkle@s1l.com

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Chloe Phannenstiel

Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS: 2123399

Phone: (303) 317-5913

Email: cphannenstiel@s1l.com

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Rio Chacon

Sr. Loan Officer/Sales Manager

NMLS: 1065675

Phone: (720) 248-6599

Email: rioc@s1l.com

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